Profit (Economic Prosperity)

Sustainability Business Consulting helps businesses avoid risks, find opportunities, and become more profitable. We do this by providing organizations with business planning for sustainability, and employee engagement. We also provide the means and knowledge you will need in starting a business as well as maintaining your business. 

Newly created business with the need for sustainability initiatives:

  • Assist in identifying the type of business you want to start
  • Develop Sustainability Initiatives, as well as an Energy Management plan early in your business life cycle
  • Perform market research to support your sustainability initiatives

Established business with the need of implementing sustainability initiatives: 

  • Develop, establish and integrate an Energy Management and Sustainability Strategy
  • Business Planning for Sustainability
  • Employee Engagement through our Leadership Energy Alternative Program
  • Assist in reducing energy consumption and costs
  • Provide information (market surveys, analysis of competitors)
  • Improve organizational effectiveness (adapt to future strategy and environmental organizational change)
  • Facilitate client learning (Continuous Improvement Programs - Kaizen)