About Our Founder

Leadership Background


Mr. Columbia is a strategic leader and exceptional developer of highly effective strategies focused on the three sustainability elements (economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility).  Columbia’s experience includes serving as CEO/President of Sustainability Business Consulting, LLC, a sustainability consulting company; Vice President/GM of the RCS Division; Director of North American Field Operations for Integrated Dynamic Engineering; Director of Global Operations and Total Quality for Genmark Automation, Inc.; and leadership roles at Brooks/PRI Automation, Applied Materials, Inc., and Lam Research Corporation. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership at Arizona State University, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with Management and Marketing minor from Penn State University.  An alumnus of the Business Management Program at UC Santa Cruz's School of Business Management; certified in Demand Flow Technology by John Costanza's Institute of Technology, and certified in QEP-Six Sigma, University of California Santa Cruz Extension, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California. 

Working in government environments, Mr. Columbia currently serves as a Committee member of the Judicial Select Committee for the City of Goodyear, AZ, and for the Energy Management and Sustainability Committee for the AZ Water Association.  Mr. Columbia has also served as the Chairman of the Water Conservation Committee and served as Chairman of the Water Planning Committee for the City of Goodyear. Over the past several years, his task is to speak confidently in public settings with legislative bodies, initiate discussions on our social responsibility to conserve water, what types of programs can be developed to produce positive results in this area, and how best to integrate sustainability into the city’s core water business. On May 21, 2018, he recommended to city council a prioritized set of conservation actions, which will include changes to existing guidelines, ordinances, new programs and the need for further study for the next five years to the city council for review. Regarding the water planning committee, initiated discussions on the city’s water challenges focused on the city’s water infrastructure projects, including sewer reconstruction, recycled water, storm water, water supply, and wetland concerns. Presented and executed the $57.9M integrated master water planning recommendations report approved by the City Council on June 15, 2015.